Stonefly Rye
Three Creeks Brewing Company

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Pours hazy and yellow, like a wheat. Because it is a wheat, apparently!
This unique brew provides a spicy, full bodied, light finishing beer that is guaranteed to pelase. We fixed the classic wheat beer by throwing 20% rye malt in with 5 domestic malts and 2 NW hop varieties. Even the most finicky of fish can't turn their heads when this beer is presented.
Tastes a little lemony. Malty, but still pretty light. I couldn't taste any rye at all -- if you're expecting (like I was) that this might taste a bit like Sierra Nevada's new Ruthless Rye, it doesn't. It tastes mostly like a hefeweizen. I'm not a big hefeweizen fan, but I liked the Stonefly Rye more than I like most hefeweizens. I'm not sure why. Maybe I haven't had a hefeweizen in a while? Actually, now that I've had a few sips, I do taste a little bit of rye. It stings the tongue a little bit... it seems more like a finishing note than anything, really. I wish this spiciness would've come across more while I was drinking the beer rather than in the aftertaste. Alas, still pretty good... if you like hefeweizens. Or a slightly-numb tongue. And if you enjoy both of these things, I suggest that you go out and grab a bottle of this immediately, because I'm not sure that you'll find this strange combination anywhere else. Cheers!
Three Creeks Stonefly Rye 2012-03-19 Oregon Beer Project Rating: 3 out of 5